Who wrote Australia’s first Italian cookbook?

8 May

Ok, so, yes, Lamingtons & Lasagna has been less than productive on the blog front, it cannot be denied, but she hasn’t been doing exactly nothing…

I gave a presentation on Australia’s first Italian cookbook at the Museo Italiano in Carlton last week, where I baked the Siennese Little Horses again, and am happy to report they came out much better this time (note to self: convert measurements using Google, not own brain). I spruiked the talk and massacred the Italian language again on SBS Radio. And I just posted a guest blog for the Australasian Centre for Italian Studies on who (could’ve) written Australia’s first Italian cookbook.

I just wanted to thank Dr Paolo Barrachi at the Museo Italiano for all his help with the talk, everyone who came along and gave valuable feedback, and my sister Lisa for creating super awesome invitation postcard:

Food and Fascism Talk at Museo Italiano

Looking forward to getting on with some new research now, and maybe even posting about it right here… although I wouldn’t want to overdo it right?


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