Baby food, 1916-style

21 Nov


Raw meat juice is another useful method of feeding where for any reason cow’s milk or other foods disagree. It can be simply made as follows:­ —

After washing a quarter of a pound of lean raw beef scrape it into as fine shreds as possible, and put in a cup. Add two tablespoons of cold water, cover cup, and allow to stand for about an hour in a cool place. Now strain it and squeeze the juice out by wringing the pulp in a piece of muslin.”

The Australian Household Guide, Ed: Lady Hackett, 1916

I can’t see Heinz adding raw meat juice to its baby food range any time soon. Mind you, you never know, especially when a baby who is presumably reared on the stuff looks like this:

Baby from The Australian Household Guide

Is this what happens when you drink raw meat juice? The Australian Household Guide, 1916


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